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This section is dedicated to information pertaining to our residents at Austin School Lofts, LaSalle Crossing, and Travis Crossing. Most prospective residents find this information helpful when making a decision on one of our historical downtown communities their new home.


**Please remember that this is just for informational purposes. Always refer to your TAA Lease Agreement for current policies. Management has the right to change any policies (written or not) as they deem necessary.**

A Friendly Pet Reminder

Puppy fever must be in the air because we are welcoming some wonderful four-legged residents lately.Just a few friendly reminders about pets that will allow you, the pet parents, as well as other residents live in harmony.


Orkin: Monthly Maintenance Service

Orkin monthly maintenance service is a requirement for all R.C. Graham Inc communities.

For Wichita Falls, Orkin will service every second Wednesday of the month between 9am-Noon.


The chemicals used are safe for everything including pets.


Please remember to have all kitchen and bathroom areas are picked up and ALL pets are either kenneled or locked in a bedroom that doesn't have a bathroom.


All apartments homes will be serviced. 


Transferring within the communities

We understand that sometimes your living circumstances change throughout time which may require to you downsize... upsize... or change areas completely. We are happy to assist you in transferring within the community if apartment homes are available.


Transferring Requirements:


1. complete & submit a 'Transfer Application' here.

2. complete & submit a 'Notice to Vacate' here. A 30-day notice to vacate is required unless otherwise authorized by management

3. complete & submit a 'Rental Application' here.

4. Submit a $200 security deposit for new apartment. This is required in order to reserve any apartment.The security deposit is non-refundable. The security deposit on your current apartment will stay with that apartment and follow normal move-out procedures. If you have a pet deposit, your deposit may be transferred pending an inspection

5.Submit a $100 transfer fee. This fee is non-refundable

6. You are required to sign a minimum of a 6-month lease agreement plus add any additional months from your previous lease to your lease lease. Example: If you have 3 more months left on your current lease, you will sign a 9 month lease agreement.

Please remember that not all transfers will be approved. Your account balance must be paid in full and you must be in good standing with R.C. Graham Inc. All fees and deposits associated with transferring within the community are always non-refundable.You are still responsible for any fees and charges for your current apartment until a move-out is complete.

Management reserves the right to change these terms without notice.

Please contact the leasing office at : 940.767.0406 or [email protected] with any questions.