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Quotes As a tenant in this beautiful building, I can attest to the high quality of my rental space and the (in my experience) best landlord/renter relationship I have ever had. If something is amiss, the landlords are on it, and they fix it! The building is historic and beautifully remodeled. Much attention has been given to appearance, security and atmosphere. It is located in an exciting neighborhood that is exploding with culture and family oriented activities- destined to become the cultural mecca of North Texas. Anyone would be lucky to live in this beautiful building. Quotes
Janelle M.
Very satisfied tenant

Quotes I lived at Austin School Lofts for 3 years and I have to say it was the best renting experience I?ve ever had! In the 3 yrs I lived there I had not one single thing to complain about. The very best in luxury apt living! Austin school is always very well maintained and managed. The complex is very secure and well lit at night. The only reason I left was because I got married and needed a house. I highly recommend Austin school lofts for anyone! I guarantee you will absolutely love it! Quotes
Rickey Dixon

Quotes When I first saw the loft I instantly told my wife "No, this is going to be out of our price range." We sat down with the apartment manager and my jaw dropped when I found the rent was affordable, I was in shock! This place was amazing! Exposed red brick wall stretching across the backside of the apartment, almost floor to ceiling windows facing the morning sun, recessed lighting and the appliances. We had spankin' new modern appliances such as a glass-top stove and a digital thermostat that we've come to love. I'm still to date in awe of Austin School after being here a year. This has got to be one of the most unique and luxurious living options in the area. It's downtown, I understand some people may have a negative look on this but this place is very secure. There's gated parking with individual codes for each resident, which are entered for the gate and even all the exterior doors! This place is a true winner, a great find in the Wichita Falls community. Quotes
Sad to be leaving Austin School

Quotes When moving from North Carolina to Texas, I wasn't very impressed with apartment living until I discovered Wichita Falls best kept secret which was downtown living. LaSalle Crossing was a great downtown living experience. Friends and family were so impressed with how well the building was maintained. The friendly customer service made me feel at home and left me knowing I could always count on R.c. Graham if any issues were to arise. I would recommend these amazing downtown apartments to anyone! Quotes
Former resident

Quotes This is the first place my husband and I lived after we got married. It was perfect for us! It is in a great location and it only took us minutes to get from home to our job locations. Our friends and family always have nice things to say about the unique layout of our apartment especially the exposed brick wall and spiral staircase out the back of our apartment. I have never felt unsafe in my apartment because the building and parking lot are so secure. Also, the owners and staff are always quick to respond to any questions and concerns. We will be moving soon, but it is only because we are buying a house. I will always remember the Austin School Lofts and the memories we have made here. Quotes
Happy to have lived in Austin School Lofts

Quotes While my time in LaSalle Crossing is coming to an end, due to the fact that my wife is moving to the area and we have two rottweiler mixed dogs, I just wanted to say how much of a pleasure it was to live in the building. I have on multiple occasions recommended LaSalle Crossing and the other buildings under RC Graham Inc, however, the buildings are always full. The buildings are well maintained, secure, and competitively priced, I am not surprised that the buildings are almost always full. The staff has been very responsive to all my questions. Quotes
Satisfied Resident
LaSalle Crossing

Quotes I have known about Austin school lofts for a couple years now, but always assumed they were out of my price range as a college student. I went apartment hunting and Austin school was the last stop on my list because I knew it was just going to be too highly priced. I am so thankful I looked when I did. I fell in love with the apartments the moment I stepped foot in the doors. The huge windows, new appliances, and beautiful tile floors are just the beggining of how amazing this place is. The staff is awesome at what they do, and helped me get a quick move in! They are so helpful with any questions I have. I also love that it is completely gated and secured. Makes me feel at ease that I am truly safe in my new home. I would recommend Austin school lofts to anyone looking for a great place to call your own! Quotes
Extremely happy college student

Quotes I loved living in Travis Crossing and the only reason I left was because I was buying a house. Since there are only 10 apartments in the whole place, security is not an issue at all... everyone is familiar with everyone else in the building. I've seen UPS boxes left outside doors all weekend that no one messed with (you could not leave those at a normal apartment complex.) Since all the apartment doors are on the inside, I think I may have seen one bug the entire time I lived there. My last electric bill was only $30 because the bottom floor stays so cool in the summer that I hardly had to turn the air on. Rent is easy to pay... you just drop it in the box on your way in the front door. Everything is clean and up to date, if there is a problem, they will fix it the same day or right after you call and Christy and Tara are great to work with. They even left residents a present on Christmas.... no other Landlord would ever do that!! I miss living there! Quotes
TC Prior Resident

Quotes I had decided, that I wanted to live in the downtown area. I looked around at the other downtown apartments and finally chose Lasalle Crossing. That decision turned out to be a great one. I absolutely love my place. I've been here for about 3-4 months, and do not have one complaint. I honestly tried to think of one, but can't. As someone who works downtown, the convenience has become a great advantage. But, one of my favorite things is the atmosphere of downtown on a Sunday afternoon.....absolute peace and quiet. It really is quite relaxing. Being downtown also has me minutes from practically anything I want to do. As for the apartment itself, very nice. Tons of natural light and space. Completely secure, gated parking and a series of coded gates. Its amazing, especially for the cost. And last but not least, the staff. The staff here is amazing, they have been nothing but helpful in any situation. They've been extremely polite and helpful since day 1. I absolutely love it. Quotes
Taylor Slusher
Exceeding Expectations

Quotes Before moving into Austin School Lofts, I was a little leary about the neighborhood because of it being downtown.But if you're familiar with larger cities, most of the popular areas aren't in the best part of town... which is all a part of their appeal. But once meeting with the management staff and walking the apartments, I felt like I would be lucky to live here. These apartments are awesome and like nothing else in this city. The exposed brick wall and tall ceilings are what make them unique. Aside from just their appearance, Austin School Lofts in maintenance free. I have lived a several other "mainstream" properties here in town and I ALWAYS had issues with water being turned off... or neighbors disturbance... NOT HERE :) I would totally recommed this place to anyone who wants an great place to live. Quotes
Happy Resident
Living in Luxury